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crushmesoftly's Journal

I stab things in my sleep
14 February 1983
So! Updating the bio!

I am still married and he is still an amazing man. I still tend to forget LJ unless I am drunk and up super late at night. My postings tend to be sporadic despite the fact that every time I rediscover LJ I pledge to keep updated.

I am currently in the middle of a Masters in Mental Health Counseling program. And have, thus far, managed to do it without the help of antidepressants! We have two beautiful puppies. We prefer our kids to be in the furry canine form rather than the shrieking, human form. I love children, but I also love having my adult space and I love that I am allowed to be selfish and immature when there isn't another human life depending on my actions.

And....now I am finished....